Welcome to my blog…Crafty & Oily!  This is my very first post, and I’m very excited for my blog to officially be “live.”  I started working on it a couple of weeks ago and have made many adjustments, but I figured it’s time to officially publish and learn as I go!

My first tutorial is a craft for my very favorite holiday…the 4th of July!  I’ve always loved the 4th, but now it has extra special meaning as it was the day my now husband proposed to me. 🙂  Anyway, as we move throughout the year, you will notice I LOVE holiday crafts  I always like to freshen up my decor, and having holiday decorations is a great way to do that!  What I love even more about the project is what an impact it makes for such little cost!  I was able to make the entire thing for about $10 (don’t forget your coupons!!).

Here is the finished project: the 4th of July wreath.


I was inspired after seeing the tutorial on Capital B.  Don’t you just love it!? It really pops and has been a great addition to our front door from Memorial Day and will be until the 4th!


This project definitely wasn’t completed in a single sitting.  I probably have a good 5 hours into it.  It’s not hard…it’s just very tedious to cut out and pin on all of the felt squares.

4th of July Wreath Supplies


Materials Needed:

  • Styrofoam wreath
  • 350 straight pins
  • Jewelry wire
  • Blue felt 4 “sheets”  or (~1/8 yard)
  • Red felt- 6 “sheets” or (~1/4 yard)
  • White felt 6 “sheets” or(~1/4 yard)
  • White card-stock (just scraps to make 10 stars)


1. Cut out 2″x2″ felt squares


4th of July Wreath Felt Squares

I kept cutting felt squares until I completely ran out of felt.  I didn’t count, but I am guessing I cut out about 300 squares.

2. Mark sections of styrofoam wreath



There is no exact science to marking the wreath. I marked off the blue section first.  I reserved about 9 inches, and marked off the rest as 3 inch sections for the alternating white and red sections.

3. Start pinning on the squares



IMG_3445       IMG_3446

The pictures above show how you fold each felt square to pin them onto the styrofoam wreath.  Once you insert the pin, you begin to group the felt squares so that they look like this:



4. Make the stars

I made the stars with my Cricut, but you definitely don’t need a die-cutting machine in order to make them.  You could trace and cut them out by hand, buy them at your local craft store, or use a paper punch to make them also. I wound the wire around a straight pin to ensure that it could securely attach to the wreath.  Then, I created the “spring” in the wire by winding it around a marker and gluing on the star.


Here is the finished project again!  Enjoy making it, this is one of my favorite door decorations I have made!  I would love to hear your comments on how it goes for you! 🙂






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