In my mission to rid our household of chemicals, I’ve started to take a look at my medicine cabinet and the products that I put on my skin every day. I recently discovered that the U.S. has not passed a single law in the cosmetic industry since 1938!  This is so scary.  In Europe, they ban close to 1,400 ingredients, and in the US we only ban 11!  When you learn facts like this, you simply cannot unlearn them.

As a result, I will never look at old skincare products the same again…and I knew I had to do better for me and my family.  I was on a mission to find safer beauty.  That’s when I was introduced to Beautycounter – and I fell in love with the products and the mission!

Beautycounter Cancer Statistics - Safer Beauty

I joined Beautycounter to spread the word on this important mission.  We all deserve better!  The statistics are scary. There are some pieces of our health that we can’t control, such as genetics.  However, we can control our environment and the products we put on our skin every day.  It is so critical to read the labels on your products and be informed on what all those long words mean and whether or not they are safe.


About Beautycounter 

This video describes the mission better than I can.  This is “my why” and reason for being involved.

FOUR ways to get involved with Beautycounter:

  • Check out and purchase the products:
  • Host a social!  I am available to host both online and in home socials to help educate your friends, and spread the word on this very important mission.
  • Become a Band of Beauty Member!  Becoming a member has its perks, including:bob-landing-headerband-of-beauty-membership- Safer beauty
  • Become a Beautycounter consultant! I would LOVE to be your mentor!  If you love sharing safer skincare and beauty with others, this gig is for you!  I’m telling you…it’s SO much fun, and feels more like educating than anything else.   Email me at if you’d like to learn more!

Let me know if you have ANY questions!  I would love for your to join my team!


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