Okay…have you heard of chalk paint?!  This is one of my most exciting crafty discoveries in the past few months.  It can completely transform your old furniture into something new and spiffy.  It’s so easy than ANYONE can do it (and I mean anyone 🙂 )!  Have I caught your attention yet?!

Late last year, my parents bought a cabin and we have been working on all kinds of projects to renovate it.  One project that we just started thinking about was the vanity in the bathroom.  This is what it looked like to start with.  It had an equally hideous mirror to match the vanity.  Clearly we HAD to do something to jazz it up.  The oak looked very grimy and the knobs were corroding.  We decided to transform the vanity with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Before the chalk paint transformation

Supplies Needed:

  • A paint brush with natural bristles (We used a Purdy brush from Menards
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – we used Paris Grey (check out all the awesome colors available)
  • Soap and water and a rag to clean up the existing wood (you may not need this if your furniture is already clean)
  • Wipe on polyurethane (we used this kind) or the Annie Sloan wax

Steps to complete your chalk paint transformation:

1. Use soap and water to wipe down the furniture piece.  All you are doing here is making sure that it is clean.

2.  Take off the doors, hardware and hinges to make it easier to paint.

3. Start painting with your chalk paint!  It really is that easy.  This is where I was not a believer to start.  I truly did not think that there would be a way to refinish furniture without sanding off the layer of poly on the top.  You really do not have to sand the furniture first.  Why did I not know this 6 months ago when I sanded down over 15 cabinets and doors to revamp my craft room?!!  The best part is, you don’t have to be very particular or paint it any certain way. Just cover up the old finish!

4.  Once you have painted a coat, let it dry and paint a second coat.

5.  Once the 2nd coat of chalk paint has dried you have a couple of choices.  You can use the Annie Sloan Wax to “seal” the chalk paint, or you can use wipe on polyurethane.  We went with the wipe on poly.  Mostly because it’s cheap and we already had it from previous projects.

6.  Attach the hardware and put the furniture piece back together. (For our project, we still need to attach the drawer pulls at the bottom, but then it’s done!)

After chalk paint


WOW! I am truly amazed at how easy it was to completely transform a furniture piece that we wanted to throw away before.  It really looks great now!  I can’t wait to start tackling some other furniture.  Perhaps a headboard for our guest bedroom?  🙂

You have to check out chalk paint for your own project!  It will completely amaze you how you can take an old furniture piece from trash to treasure.  I would love to see and hear what you transform with chalk paint!


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